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Beer Monger Sessions

The Beer Monger Sessions Radio Show (BMSRS) was a gradable school project at the Ohio Media School. Good buddies Chris Wooten (student) and Brian Harpster (owner of Barley Hopsters) decided to try out a show that isn’t really heard too much on radio, let alone at an institution of learning.
So, with  the knowledge of craft beer, the grind, making great show guest relationships, little sleep, shenanigans, and great friendship…The Beer Monger Sessions Radio Show was born in September of 2016!
Chris Wooten, aka ”Spartan Biscuit” and Brian Harpster, aka “Master Chief Monger” started their journey under the tutelage of “Rybak”, and “Dommy Styles” of the WUDG studio and the Ohio Media School. The show started out bringing local craft beer representatives and brewmasters on the show.
Then came in Erin Campbell, aka “Squiz,” and we immediately felt as if we just hit the lottery of draft picks! Squiz made an immediate and lasting impact, and is currently our BMSRS engineer as well as a co-host of the show.
Chad Deel is deeply connected in the alternative sports world!
You can find TBMS radio show on 92.9FM and 1550AM WDLR every Saturday from 9am-10am! Don’t miss out!
“Big Deal, Real Deal” Chad Deel
“Squiz” Erin Campbell
“Master Chief Monger” Brian Harpster
“Spartan Biscuit” Chris Wooten