Player SHARES Life Lessons at Delaware County Jail

Former Basketball Player Lawrence Funderburke Spoke with Delaware County Inmates

April 12, 2019 – Former Ohio State and NBA basketball player Lawrence Funderburke spent time with inmates inside the Delaware County Jail discussing his transformation from poverty and a troubled childhood into a successful father and businessman. 30 inmates who are participating in recovery and re-entry programs attended the two-hour session.

Funderburke shared about the powerful link between childhood and the impact it plays on adulthood and behavior. He discussed root causes of chemical dependency, biochemical deficits, memories, unhealthy thinking, lifestyle habits, and getting the momentum to change. 

“We want to give inmates every opportunity to turn their life around while incarcerated,” said Delaware County Sheriff Russell Martin. “We have a small window of opportunity to reach them. We try to make the most of it by providing opportunities for their benefit. We want to help them to start thinking differently. Because of Funderburke’s background and youth, we believe he related to many of the inmates, and hopefully he inspired some to make some life changes.”

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