Michelle Gatchell

Michelle Gatchell 

Michelle Gatchell grew up in Westerville and Upper Arlington, then after she got married, she and her husband moved to Delaware to have some land near the city. But in no time the city moved out to them. They have lived in Southern Delaware since 2002.

Michelle has been working in the broadcasting industry since 1991 when she started at WOSU. She has worked at WCMH, WSYX, WBNS and helped start ONN cable news network. She has been producing news and public affairs programming and found she loved telling the stories.

She branched off broadcasting and did communication for the Columbus Zoo with Jack Hanna and for Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro. These positions gave her insight into what it takes to tell a story that would make the news. But she wanted to get back into telling those stories instead of making the news. What a better place to do that but in her home town that she loves, Delaware.

She is active in the arts scene in the community. She was a board member at the Delaware Arts Castle, and is a committee member helping to organize exhibits at Gallery 22 in downtown Delaware. Her passions are agriculture, animals, art, business, innovators and technology. So, you might hear her on a podcast about any of those topics.

You can hear her on WDLR radio every hour 1-6:00 PM, M-F doing a Mid-Ohio News update. Plus, listen to her talking to the movers and shakers of Delaware County in the news and podcast area of the website. If you know of a good story contact Michelle at gatchellm@gmail.com and let her know about it.