Drones as First Responders

Ohio— Orange Township has approved moving forward with a; first of its kind in Ohio, pilot drone response system that will give emergency responders a live overhead view of an emergency scene before they arrive.

The pilot program supports Orange Township’s commitment to its first responders in police, fire, and EMS services with cutting edge technology as a force multiplier in their daily jobs.

Paladin Drones will be conducting this pilot program for three months to study how having a live overhead preview helps emergency responders better prepare for the incident they are about to engage.

Paladin Drones believes autonomous response drones will be the future for public safety
services. The drone will be deployable 40 hours per week during the trial, with availability 24/7.  Paladin Drones will have a FAA-certified visual observer pilot on duty at times of action operation, with manual override control. Paladin Drones will also be creating a partnership with the local Olentangy high schools to bring greater awareness to drone technology, and train and certify local citizens in the use of drones.

Orange Township’s Fire Chief Matt Noble had been in contact with Paladin Drones CEO Divy Shrivastava (shree-VAS-teh-vah) for more than 2 years discussing the possibility of Orange partnering on the study. Paladin Drones CEO Divy Shrivastava is a former Orange Township resident and Olentangy High School graduate.

Michelle Gatchell interviews Paladin CEO Divy Shrivastava and Orange Township Trustee chairman Ryan Rivers about this drone pilot program for first reponders. 

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