Columbus Zoo Celebrates 40 Years with Jack Hanna

Jungle Jack Hanna  is one of the people that indirectly influenced my love of animals, and he does not even know it. As a child growing up in Columbus, Ohio my parents took my brother and I to the zoo almost weekly during the summer months. I witnessed the transformation the zoo went through with Jack’s influence and I wanted to be a part of helping animals and educating people like he did.

Flash forward to my 20’s and I got a job in promotions at the Columbus Zoo taking the animal ambassadors to schools, businesses, and shows that Jack appeared on. His heart and passion for educating people about our animal neighbors is too big to measure. Let me try to explain the ripple effect on my life alone, I never got to travel to countries to see animals in the wild, but I grew an appreciation for wild animals from all over the world because of being exposed to them at the zoo.

Then when my nephew was 3 and 4 years old I brought him to the zoo and he has gone on to work in animal sanctuaries around the world with his wife.  They are educating so many people, and that is just one drop from Jack Hanna’s vision of helping animals and the ripple effect it caused. I talked to Jungle Jack about zoo conservation and people that influenced his journey over the last 40 years, like Mel Dodge. From one woman in Delaware, thank you JACK HANNA for all you have shared of your life. It started a ripple in my life to share my love of animals with anyone I meet.

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