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Drug testing is depleting the hiring pool!

Tell us what you think of this!   According to an article in the New York Times, pre-employment drug tests are leaving employers high and dry when it comes to hiring new workers. While part of the problem has to do with the number of companies that require the tests, …

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Think you have B.O.? There’s an app for that

Your smart phone is about to become even smarter. Soon, the same device that helps with so many of our everyday tasks may also be able to let a man know if he stinks. The Huffington Post reports that Nivea, the German-based body products company, has just announced a new …

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An Eggciting story!!!

Why did the chicken cross the road? Probably because it heard an Ed Sheeran song. The U.K.’s Mirror reports that the hens at Yorkshire Farmhouse Eggs lay the most eggs when Ed’s tunes are playing. Farmers say they tried playing songs from various artists — everything from classical to Justin …

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We’re More Likely to Get Drunk When We’re Happy

I’m glad more people use the phrase, “I want a drink” than “I need a drink.” A new survey asked people when they drink alcohol.  And fortunately, we’re more likely to get drunk on HAPPY occasions than bad ones. 86% of people drink when they’re celebrating a special occasion . …

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Bored Brat Busted

An 18-year-old in Florida, arrested for burglarizing parked cars, is doing his best to become as hated as other famous brats like the “affluenza” teen and pharmaceutical cheat Martin Shkreli. Harrison McLain Eulett was picked up in connection with a series of thefts from parked cars and has made matters worse for …

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Skinny Oreos?!?!?

Forget Double Stuffed — Oreos Making ‘Thin’ Version Gillie Houston July 6, 2015 Forget Double Stuffed — Oreos Making ‘Thin’ Version The new “thin” Oreo cookies. Photo: AP Images Many Oreo devotees swear by the double-stuffed. They want more frosting, more cookie, more Oreo. But, as summer months bring about …

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James Taylor Finally hits number 1!

Rolling Stone June 24, 2015 by Daniel Kreps Forty-seven years after his debut album, James Taylor has finally scored his first Number One record on the Billboard 200. The singer’s latest, Before This World, sold 97,000 copies in its debut week, giving the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee …

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Now You Can Break Up With Someone Using Beans?

Even dumping someone on their Facebook wall on their birthday might be kinder than THIS. There’s a new product called “Break-Up Beans” that’s kind of clever . . . but totally brutal. Break-Up Beans are lima bean seeds that have a secret message etched into them with lasers.  When you …

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