Blackie’s Gang Recovery Mission Fundraiser

We are joining the Union County Veteran's Remembrance Committee to raise money to fund a recovery mission to bring the remains of two World War II soldiers, listed MIA in 1943 when their plane was shot down in a remote part of the Himalayan mountains. A mountain climber discovered the crash site, and found a dog tag and serial number on the plane that confirms it was the plane of Blackies Gang, a search and rescue crew. 

Pictures from MIA Recoveries of the Mountain the wreckage is located and parts of the crash site. 
On September 26 we will be live from 10 AM-6PM at Boston's Pizza, 1099 Lydia Dr, Marysville, OH 43040 for anyone to come and make a donation and be part of the Blackies Gang Recovery Mission. It is not often you get a chance to help someone that gave their life for our freedom, these men did just that and saved the lives of countless others before they were shot down. They deserve to be brought home for a proper burial, not left in a jungle on the side of a mountain. 

Captain John "Blackie" Porter

Sergeant Harold Neibler

Help us bring two local World War II heroes home for a proper burial and remembrance. Marysville natives, Captain John “Blackie” Porter and Sergeant Harold Neibler were shot down while flying “The Hump” over Burma on December 10th, 1943. Known as “Blackie’s Gang”, Captain Porter’s crew is credited with saving the lives of over 100 airmen from 50 crashes in the Eastern Himalayas during the war before they themselves were shot down.

Watch a video about the discovery of the crash site.

MIA Recoveries, a non-profit contractor, headed by Clayton Kuhles, has located the crash site and is making plans to execute a mission in November 2019 to recover the remains of the crew members. Three OSU members , an archaeologist, an anthropologist and a doctor would like to be part of this recovery trip. The Union County Veterans Remembrance Committee is collecting funds to support Mr. Kuhles’ efforts and pay for the three OSU specialist to go help identify and recover the remains. $50,000 is needed by October 2019.

You can make your donation online at



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