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Statewide Issue Would Change Criminal Sentencing Process

The Ohio Secretary of State and the Ballot Board approved language for Issue 1 that will be a statewide issue for people to vote for on the November 6 ballot. The language would require a change to the Ohio Constitution, that would change how criminals are sentenced in Ohio. Below is the certified language and the words from both sides; for and against Issue 1. Michelle Gatchell put a call into the Ohio Safe and Healthy Communities Campaign, the organization that submitted the proposed constitutional amendment change, to get their comments on this ballot and did not hear back. She did talk to the Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association Executive Director Lou Tobin about why they are not in favor of this constitutional amendment change. You can hear that conversation below and read the Ballot as well as what both sides submitted for their reasoning to take the side they did.

Certified Ballot Language For Issue 1

Argument/Explanation FOR Issue 1

Argument/Explanation AGAINST Issue 1



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